Baby Bjorn Travel Crib – The Solution For Our Family Trip

Before getting married, my wife and I have the same hobby: traveling! Maybe that’s one match that finally brought us together in marriage. We really enjoy traveling, especially on weekends, like a visit to a relative’s house or traveling in the mountains and countryside that has a clean and fresh air.

But our habits began to diminish when our first child was born. We’re pretty busy, especially when our daughter was tired and wanted to sleep. She’s difficult to rest comfortably when not in the box baby at home.

We’ve tried to find information from our colleagues about a portable travel crib that can give comfort to our children in transit. But we still do not get it. There is always a shortage on some things that make us hesitate to buy it. Until finally, in an online store we found a product that seemed ideal for us. In this online store website, customers expressed their satisfaction with an average of 5 stars. This is extraordinary! I have never found a product that already has hundreds of reviews satisfactory. Out of curiosity and want to prove, we finally bought it.

When using this crib, we have proved that it has met all the criteria we needed. Now, our daughter can go traveling with us with a comfortable bed. She loved it.

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is very light. Equipped with a bag wrapping so that it becomes compact and easily portable. My wife also did not have difficulty in set-up. She does not need to linger to learn the instructions and within a short time the Baby Bjorn Crib is ready for use.

One thing that became my favorite is that the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is very stable despite it is made of lightweight materials. Top cover is made hollow, making it easier for us in control. Our daughter can sleep comfortably because the cover is smooth and soft.

Now we can run a hobby of traveling together with our children. Rest comfortable for her is no longer a hindrance; in fact she was happy for having inherited his parents’ hobby.

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